Recreating Your Business 

Hello entrepreneur!

What was the first thing that came to your mind on spotting this post title? Okay, hold that answer as we explain what we mean.

Among other things, you are in business to make money (profit), and if that’s not happening you’re funding a hobby. At some point in your entrepreneurial journey, if you notice that you’re recording more losses than profits, it’s time to recreate your business.
Recreating your business basically means making changes in your business to bring about profit. Recreation might mean changing leadership, staff, products or services, operational models, delivery style, advertising, layout (online and offline), etc.

To recreate, you need to gain clarity of you business operations and you can easily get that with properly kept records. These records help you easily identify the flaws in your business and aspects that might require modification. Next, put down a plan as part of the recreation process, including how you plan to measure the success of the plan. Go ahead to implement the plan and watch out for significant changes. If at the end of the predicted time your plan succeeds, congratulations; if it doesn’t succeed, go through the process again.

Business recreation is a required risk entrepreneurs should prepare for. While going through the process, be sure to be conversant with trends, especially the ones your target customers identify with.

Change is a constant. Do not expect different results while doing the same things.

As an entrepreneur, you are a creator, don’t allow your creation limit you.


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