Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur

Increased cost of living, absence of decent job opportunities, minimal interest in civil service, a pressure to make more money, etc., has plunged a number of persons into the pool of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, not everyone survives it past a certain number of months due to a number of factors. Some persons view entrepreneurship from rose coloured lenses, but are not really aware of what it is about.

Entrepreneurship is the practice of setting up a new business or reviving an existing business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

Working in the civil service is okay for some persons and a no-no for some others. Not everyone can handle the responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur, but a number of persons would like to enjoy the benefits without paying the price entirely. For those who cannot entirely pay the price that comes with entrepreneurship, but do not want to be in the civil service employment stream either, intrapreneurship is for you.

Intrapreneurship is the practice of entrepreneurship by employees within an organization. An intrapreneur is a self-motivated, proactive, action-oriented person who is comfortable with taking initiative in the pursuit of an innovative product or service, but within the boundaries of an organization. He seeks policies, technologies and applications that help increase the productivity of a company, builds aptitude for recognizing and solving important problems.

Intrapreneurship is a step towards entrepreneurship because it involves the use of creative abilities to enhance existing goods and services and fill greater needs in the market place. These skills give an intrapreneur the ability to determine which methods are most effective for solving problems and are also required to start out as an entrepreneur.

Not so sure about launching head on into entrepreneurship yet? Why not give intrapreneurship a shot. You might just fall in love with doing what you love for a time with fewer risks involved.

Dear entrepreneur, taking on an intrapreneur is a significant method for your business to reinvent itself and improve performance, as an intrapreneur has the ability to study various aspects of an issue and proffer the best solution required.


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