Staying motivated as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has this glamorous look from the outside – no employer breathing down your neck, no colleague making you feel as though you are behind on deadlines, you call all the shots. At a point in the entrepreneurship journey, you come in contact with some bumps, some of which can result in stopping in your tracks. It might even be a difficulty in balancing entrepreneurial responsibilities with your personal life. In summary, it is easy to lose motivation as an entrepreneur. It is very important to gain your motivation back and quickly too.


We will be sharing some tips to help you stay motivated as an entrepreneur.

  1. Write down your reasons for venturing into entrepreneurship. Put it down either on paper, your phone or on your computer, where you can easily access them whenever you feel you have lost motivation.
  2. Use success stories of entrepreneurs as a source of motivation and learn from them. In the process, you will learn how they overcame certain problems they experienced.
  3. Be healthy. It is easy to get lost in the entrepreneurial journey and neglect your health (physically and emotionally). A healthy diet, regular exercise and personal time can do you good.
  4. Start early. A productive day kicks off properly. As early as possible in the day create a list of your goals (personal and business) for the day; the list should not be extensive. It will help you stay organized.
  5. Set reminders. Set alarms to remind you to complete certain tasks by specific times, send emails, work on social media content, get off social media and focus on your work.
  6. Engage in motivational activities. We all have specific activities that motivate us; it could be watching movies, listening to music, podcasts, etc. These activities can be done while at home or on your way out.
  7. Get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to lack of concentration and motivation. By delaying a task and getting some sleep, you will complete it twice as quickly the next day.
  8. Join an accountability group. Having accountability partners can help in motivating you. Accountability groups provide one of the best forms of motivation. Members can congratulate you on achieved milestones and encourage you when you are feeling low.
  9. Talk to a business consultant. A business consultant can be of immense help to you when losing motivation in business. S/He can help you identify loopholes in your business that is contributing to the lack of motivation and also proffer solutions to problems you might be facing.
  10. Reward yourself. For big or small entrepreneurial victories, reward yourself. Self-encouragement can motivate you to do more.

In addition to these tips above, be poised to have a positive outlook daily. Remember that the key to your success lies within you.

If you would like to join an accountability group or speak to a business consultant, do send an email to

Cheers to your business success. Have a splendid weekend.


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