How to Start a Business


The tips below can help you in starting your business:

  1. Get a good idea: Every business starts with an idea. You can get that by thinking of what you have extensive knowledge about or what you are passionate about or find a way to do better what existing companies in your industry are doing.


  1. Have a business plan: A business plan is a rule book of sorts for your business. It helps you know where your business is headed, how it plans to overcome challenges, what it requires to thrive and keeps you being focused.


  1. Count the cost: Know how much it will cost you to kick off and run your business idea and how you plan to get the money.


  1. Determine your business structure: What kind of business structure you will be operating? Is it a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a type of corporation? Decide on this before going ahead to register your business.


  1. Get registered: Proceed to register your business with the government (in Nigeria, the Corporate Affairs Commission) for official recognition.


  1. Create an accounting system: Create an accounting system to suit your business before you kick off.


  1. Brand, advertise and grow your business: Build your brand, ensuring consistency across all platforms. Take advantage of social media reach to publicize your products or services. Be ready to put in the work to ensure your business grows.


Cheers to your business success!



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