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Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur

Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur

Increased cost of living, absence of decent job opportunities, minimal interest in civil service, a pressure to make more money, etc., has plunged a number of persons into the pool of entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, not everyone survives it past a certain number of months due to a number of factors. Some persons view entrepreneurship from rose … Continue reading Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur


Understanding What Success Means To You

Hello entrepreneur!  Many entrepreneurs start out hoping to be successful in their businesses. But when asked what success means to them, only a few are able to respond confidently. Success in entrepreneurship doesn't have a one-size fits all definition because its concept differs from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. For instance, to one entrepreneur, success can mean … Continue reading Understanding What Success Means To You

Boundary between business and personal finances

Finding money to start a business or grow an existing business poses a challenge to small business owners or would-be entrepreneurs. Before considering taking loans from financial institutions or requesting assistance from family and friends, it’s natural to reel in finance from your own purse. Kaboom! The business starts, regardless of its pace or size … Continue reading Boundary between business and personal finances